Color Gel FAQs

What is Get Hued vegan color gel?

Get Hued is a vegan curl defining gel + temporary hair color makeup all-in-one.  It is an aloe vera based gel that defines curls + leaves the hair feeling soft and moisturized!

Is the color gel safe to use every week?

Yes! You can use it as often as you like!

Will the color transfer onto my skin/clothes/furniture?

When fully dry expect minimal transfer onto your hands when you touch your hair (like fluffing your hair or taking down your twists).  The gel will easily wash off with soap and water.  You may also expect minimal transfer onto your clothes + other fabrics that may brush up against your dry hair.  In most cases, these will not be permanent stains + will wash out with laundry detergent.  If possible, wash any stained fabrics (per the fabric instructions) as soon as possible.

Can I apply the gel on dry hair?

Yes!  The gel can be applied on damp or dry hair.  We recommend you play around with the application to determine what your hair likes the most. 

So how wet does my hair need to be?

Ideally, your hair should be mildly damp, NOT dripping wet.  When applied to dripping wet hair, a lot of the color may end up on your bathroom floor instead of your hair. :( 

Is the gel sticky?

No, it is not. 

Will it leave a gel cast (i.e. dry hard and stiff)?

Possibly.  It depends on much gel you apply + how thick your leave-in conditioner is.  If you experience a gel cast, it will likely dissipate on its own or you can lightly apply oil to your hands + "scrunch out the crunch" to break up the cast.

How long will the color last?

The color will likely be vibrant for the first 2-3 days then slowly begin to fade as the days go on assuming you do not apply more gel.

How long will one 2 oz jar last?

On shoulder-length hair, one jar of color gel should get you through 3-4 whole head applications (if you are especially heavy-handed with product then possibly two).

Will this work on straight hair?

Yes!  You can use a small amount of gel on straightened natural hair or relaxed hair to add highlights.  


For any further questions please email us at hello@gemininaturals.com




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