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About Gemini Naturals

Taking care of a head full of colored curls can be a daunting task and the increased possibility of texture changes and potential damage can be utterly terrifying.  But, on the other hand, sometimes we want to switch things up and having a head full of raspberry or golden curls is just what we need.  Unfortunately, though, we often times feel like we have to choose ... healthy hair vs. colored hair.  But with Gemini Naturals (formerly known as POP! Curl) color gel you can have BOTH.  Our coveted color gel is an aloe vera based curl defining gel that adds a temporary pop of color to your natural curls + kinks.  Apply it over your favorite leave-in conditioner or curl defining cream on damp hair and style as desired.  The color gel formula is specifically created to stand out on DARK hair and will rinse out easily on your next wash day.  Switch up your color weekly or you can pull out all the stops for those special occasions (i.e. Afropunk)!  It's okay to have fun and healthy hair!



About Our Founder


Hey y'all!  I'm Lianne, a Physician Assistant by day and a budding entrepreneur after bedtime.  In between, I spend my time loving on my two kids and husband of almost 10 years.  As a natural hair blogger, I have experimented with a countless number of natural hair products and have been coloring my hair for 5 years.  Many women would approach me inquiring about proper methods regarding coloring and maintaining their own curls but it was usually with a great deal of trepidation.  I figured there must be a way to experiment with hair color without damaging our fragile kinky-curly hair.  After doing some research and trying out other temporary hair color products, I realized these products were missing some key properties REQUIRED of natural hair ... moisture and definition.  Hair color chalks are drying.  Hair color sprays can be too messy and inhaling colored aerosol is not exactly a benefit.  Hence, Gemini Naturals (formerly known as POP! Curl) color gel was born.  I figured this would be a unique way to incorporate color into our curly hair routines without sacrificing the work we've put into keeping our strands healthy!  The fact that you are here means that you TOO don't want to have to choose between healthy hair and colored hair.  I'm excited that y'all are on this journey with me and please feel free to give me your feedback as I'm always trying to make this product better for YOU!  

With much love and color, 

Founder of Gemini Naturals




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