#GemTipTuesday: How much is too much?

#GemTipTuesday: How much is too much?


Get Hued temporary hair color is an easy way to switch up your look whenever the mood strikes and there’s really no wrong way to apply it, but we get this question a lot … how much do I need?  Us curly girls are naturally heavy handed when it  comes to applying product but the rules change a bit when applying our hair color gel.


So how much is too much?

There’s a common saying that we use in medicine when prescribing certain medications, “start low and go slow.”  Translated into common language .. go easy sis.  I even have to remind myself of the same when I’m testing out new colors.  The gel is buildable, so it’s best to start off with a little at first (less than what you think you need) and then build up from there.  Also, if you’re able, try applying in front of a window or in a location where there is good natural lighting.  Oftentimes, I’ve found that bathroom lighting is insufficient at showing the true intensity of the color so it’s very easy to over-apply.  


Is there a good method to use?

If you are using a jar, simply dip your index finger into the jar and scoop out a nickel sized amount.  If you are using the pump, pump out 1-2 pumps per section.  Begin by smoothing the gel into the ends of the hair first, then work your way up.  To achieve the most even application, smooth the gel onto your hair like your life depends on it! Tip: if you prefer a heavier gel or cream, use an additional gel or more leave in conditioner before applying Get Hued.  Our favorites include the Adwoa Beauty Curl Defining Gel, Uniqurl Aloe & Coconut 4-in-1 Styler, and Wetline Xtreme Professional Gel. 


Should I buy the 2 oz jar or the 4 oz bottle?

For armpit length hair, a 2 oz jar should yield 2-3 full head uses and a 4 oz bottle will get you 4-6 uses.  


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Creator, Gemini Naturals

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