The Benefits of Aloe Vera

The Benefits of Aloe Vera


When I was a little girl, my mother had an aloe vera plant as a staple in our household.  She used it on our skin to treat burns, rashes, minor cuts, and would even use it to moisturize my dry eczema patches.  Rich in vitamins A, C and E, aloe vera has some incredible skin benefits but the benefits don’t stop there … this super plant is also great for our hair!  The vitamins contained in aloe vera promote healthy hair by strengthening hair cells, adding moisture, slowing down hair loss and shedding, relieving itchy/dry scalp, and oh…did I say ADDING MOISTURE!

Aloe is so versatile and can be used in different ways throughout your hair care regimen.  I like to use the gel directly from the leaf as a mask by scooping it out and applying it on clean damp hair.  In sections, I begin by finger combing the gel through my hair followed by applying it directly to my scalp while adding a little extra to that dry patch in the middle! Smoothing some extra on to my edges. I’ll massage it in in a circular motion to stimulate blood flow and circulation. Sometimes, I may incorporate some EVOO to the mix for an extra boost. Throw a plastic cap on top (I know some of us use plastic bags!) for about an hour and rinse out with cool water.  Then BOOM!!! Girlfriend, my hair is smooth, moisturized, detangled and it looks even healthier right after application.

Not only is aloe vera great when used as a hair mask, it also works wonders as a styler. I love using Gemini Naturals vegan hair gel for this exact reason! I'm a fan of Plain Jane because the aloe gel base defines my curls, gives me an extra boost of moisture, and prevents me from getting "humidity hair" during these hot summer days here in VA.  When I dibble and dabble and try out the different hues (my fav…Cranberry), my hair receives the same benefits! The gel is so lightweight on my hair and provides moisture that lasts for days and keeps my curls pop pop popping!!! I prefer to apply it to damp hair because that's what works best for my curls. It's not sticky or too heavy for what I call, my "wispy" and fine hair. Aloe vera gel has given my hair so much life in many ways! 

It would be remiss of me if I didn't warn you that pure aloe vera gel straight out of the plant smells like armpits and looks and feels like snot, literally! Oh, and don't accidentally put your hands to your mouth after touching the gel…EWWW!!  But once you get past the smell and texture, aloe vera gel will become a staple in your hair care regimen especially if your hair struggles with retaining moisture and shine.   You can find these marvelous aloe vera leaves at stores that specialize in organic foods, such as Whole Foods, or even your local garden center.  

Our moms and grandmothers swore by aloe vera gel for all of its benefits and healing properties.  Kudos to Gemini Naturals for getting all fancy and making it into a temporary vegan hair color! 


Peace and Love,


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