COLOR. IS. SCARY. and as a former hair color addict I can attest to that.  Out of all the hair types, textured hair is the most fragile.  Why?  Because those nooks and crannies in our hair (i.e. curls, kinks, and waves) are incredibly weak so as curly girls (and boys) we have to be extra cautious about how we treat our hair and what we put on it.  Using chemical processes involved with lightening and coloring can take a serious toll on the health of our hair.  Additionally, it can be incredibly disheartening to find that hair products you’ve spent your hard-earned money on are contributing to further damage instead of helping it.  


So, I’m here to reinforce that our products are non-damaging. ❤️  No harsh chemicals, no straighteners, no parabens, no sulfates, no phthalates, no silicones, no animal products, no common fruit or nut allergens (like shea and coconut), and ALL of the micas we use are skin safe (more on that in a separate email).  


As the researcher, formulator, and user of Gemini Naturals, I commit to only bringing you the best temporary hair color on the market! 


Live colorfully! 



CEO, Gemini Naturals